Recently there was a story about a 7 year old girl having plastic surgery because her mother was concerned she was bullied about her ears. Understandably our society is very sensitive to bullying and the effect it has had on our children and teens. As a mother I worry about the things my children will get picked on for. All children get made fun of at some point in time, some more maliciously than others. I am opposed to putting children under the knife for the sake of their appearance, unless it is life threatening or disfiguring. Many of us have survived the bitter awkward years where we grow dis-proportionally to the rest of our bodies. I was called many a name in my peak awkward years…Gives me butterflies in my stomach just thinking back to those very vivid memories.

I have grown up to appreciate my physical attributes, and am thankful for the

way I did turn out with letting nature run its course. Growing up I was a late-
bloomer, as in the middle of high school. When I began 10th grade, I still had braces, no figure, bony giraffe legs, and a nose and a half…I am half Italian after
all. Starting high school was difficult enough, but to be pointed at, laughed at and generally picked on for my “chicken legs” and “bird beak”. Not only was I called
these things, but by the JV football team, in front of my JV volleyball team. Even the memories hurt…BUT I would not change anything for the world. Getting past that stage, and growing into my body has allowed me to be a more naturally confident woman that I am today. Now, I embrace my Italian heritage which includes my nose, and my dark heavy eyebrows. My legs are now my favorite part of my body.
When my daughter begins this stage, I am ready to help her through her awkward stage as well, because she very much takes after me, minus the Italian horn. Instead of parents rushing for a way to “fix” things with shopping or surgery or brand name clothes or whatever the hot item of the moment is, use these awkward memories and experiences to help teach. Be thankful for what you do have, embrace the unique aspects of us as individuals.