“You are doing what?” “Are you sure you wanna let the public know where you live?”

Well we did it, we had a fundraiser that was open to the public at our private home. (We even had our address printed in the paper and sent over the airwaves on the radio) We invited any and all to come and support the Amped Riders. Opening our doors to the general public never seemed like an odd thing for us to do. After all, we like to entertain, we like meeting new people what better way to do both, than open your front door and say “come on in.” It was a simple goal – raise money and awareness about Amped Riders an organization that I am proud to say I am involved with.

We didnt go the route of enticing people with the promise of extravagant prizes or world class entertainment. I was more an approach of – Hey come try some friends beer and pony up some dollars for some kids that will really appreciate it.

However at the end of the day everyone got the extravagant prize of liquid gold from the boys of Burley Oak Brewery and world class entertainment from Nate and Ryan of E. CO. It was a successful day, as we more than doubled our goal for this event.

So thank you to every one in attendance and all the support. Keep in mind this is the first in a series of fund-raising events for Amped Rider,s the next will be on May 20th at JCs Northside – Stay tuned for details
check out pics from the event here AMPED-Riders-Benefit-with-Burley-Oak-Brewery-Berlin-MD-Events

Thanks to the unofficial sponsors too – Loaded Gun Customs brought a bike, the Ocean City Today had a team of fetchers, Sunset Grill sent guest bartenders, Members of the 1980 17th st surf shop skate team where there to show support too.