Several Months ago I was in the Doc Martin Store in SoHo NYC (I’m a hipster?…doubt it) what a cool place. While there with my family and a good friend I was part of what can only be described as a dream like experience. A song came on the store sound system and was turned up to just above conversation level. It was a catchy alt tune that I didn’t know but felt familiar. It was a happy tune, as I remember nearly all of the sales girls mouthing / singing along with big smiles on their faces. There was a girl there trying on boots – 18 hole if I had to guess. She was a beautiful voluptuous girl with a shirt half unbuttoned, a short skirt and ripped stockings – the kinda girl I totally would have gone for in the 9th grade. After lacing up her boots she stood to get the feel of them. As this was the Doc Martin Store she didn’t just walk or even saunter from one end of the store to the other, she stood and she danced, a boppy little two step – that lasted longer than traditional comfort would even dictate. I stood mesmerized, almost embarrassed to be watching, but that feeling passed as I saw on my sons face the same wide eyed wonderment. What my son did not notice was the mother of this 19-or 20 year old girl – a beautiful tall distinguished women sitting watching with a huge smile and a sense of pride. I noticed the moms beautiful silver hair that was sticky out of the knit cap she was wearing . (Not a surprise to see an older woman wearing a cool knit cap in SOHO) Then I saw and understood what was happening – the mothers hat read in big bold letters “FUCK CANCER”……………….this wasn’t a celebration of a birthday or milestone or a rich trendy new yorker buying her daughter expensive boots this was an impromptu celebration of life.

Putting peoples faces to the countless causes are what makes me inspired to be a better person in every aspect of my life. I didnt get to know the people in the Doc Martin store but I saw their story and it touched me. But like a good joke, or live musical performance if you were not there you probably don’t “get it”

Here are three people that I have gotten to know personally that put a face with a cause but more importantly they are not in it for themselves. Knowing them, they are even uncomfortable with being held up as an inspiration so here are three people that Just simply have …….

Passion for LIFE.

Eva Paxton, the derby is her life and that is all she would talk about if she could.

PJ Aldridge, has a passion for real estate in the Ocean City, MD area for years and will go out of his way to make you feel welcome.

Garry Moore, passion for skating… he is only about building up, not tearing down. He may seem quiet , but that is just to lure you into his easy sense of humor.