Happy Hour Podcast-Mothers Cantina-Kasey Briggs-Bryan Brushmiller-Ocean City-Entertainment

This week the boys sit down at Mother’s Cantina with a special musical guest and we got a surprise cameo appearance from a certain local brewer. We chat with Kasey Briggs of Phantom Limbs fame to discuss music and zombies. We also get to talk with Bryan Brushmiller of the much anticipated Burley Oak Brewing Company and Zach is ecstatic to hear about a hoppy concontion in the works from the Burley Oak boys. For all you beer heads out there we have another special announcement on how you can get your mits on some fine Burley Oak Brews before the brewery actually opens it’s doors in a couple months. Tune in next week to find out how our super secret beer tasting went and in the mean time go see a Phantom Limbs show, search out some good craft brews, and we’ll see you next week at Happy Hour.