Another installment from BIZ VIZ :
So I have been involved with music for years! I worked in studios and eventually had an opportunity to tour with my friends Jah Works. The rest of my Media interests evolved out of my music. The Pictures, The videos, All of it because of Music. I am some what of a Junky…They don’t make Ipods big enough (well actually they do, I just need a new one). Any how you get the picture. The years of music have allowed me to meet quite a few people, and I have gained some pretty cool access.


So I get a call From a friend of mine, He says “What are you doing tonight?”, ” Rebelution is Playing in Philly, with Giant Panda, and The Green,”. One Problem I work Wednesdays. Well we have a good friend who does sound for Rebelution. I have never shot photos for any of those Bands. 1 Photo pass later , and I am covered for work and on my way. We meet our Buddy on the Tour bus, Wow, Just wow! Now I have covered some ground, but not like that. The show was nearly sold out. Those guys are tearing it up right now. You can usually catch Them at Seacrets once in a while, but get tickets if you want to go they will sell it out. I got in place a little late to shoot much of the Green, but I was ready for action when GPGDS hit the stage. Shooting concert photography is one of the toughest things to do. Lots of action, the Lighting is low , and No Flashes allowed. Photo pass means you get to shoot behind the Barricade with the Bouncers, but I only get to shoot the first 3 songs of every set. That being said I still shot almost 800 pictures that night. After saying goodbye to all the guys, it was off for home.


Well I got home at 4, the kids wake up 8, and I am on duty During the day. Let’s just say coffee is one of my dearest friends. So now it’s on to Annapolis! A friend of mine (happens to be a promoter and band manager) was celebrating his 10th anniversary. He decided to put on a private show for the occasion. So off I go. the Federal house in Annapolis is is a good time for sure, and the manager made sure I had a beverage most of the evening. That is the big difference between a show at a venue and one at a bar. 3 more bands. Pressing Strings (they play all over MD, so make sure to check them out. one of my favs), Echo Movement ( I have been waiting to catch them), and Fear Nuttin Band (Just Released a new album and video), all of which were on point. Hung out, had a blast with all the guys and shot another 200 pics. I also received my copies of the Paul Reed Smith Magazine that I just had a photo published in, heck of a night indeed.

Night #3

So that brings us to the final evening and city, Baltimore my home away from home. It just so happens that I was playing with Jah Works at Burbon Street. No, it was by design. I called up the guys and asked if I could play. They were nice enough to welcome me to share the stage, it had been a while since I recently finished a degree and hadn’t been playing much. So the line up was, Jah Works, FNB, Echo Movement ( 2 nights in a row), and A Cool Stick (Great Band, I am trying to get them down to the shore to play). The Lighting was so rough that night. It was so dark. I managed to fire off another 700 or so shots. The bands were great and a conversation with Luke from ACS, spawned the idea for a new project that I am working on called “Link up For Japan”. That will be next weeks topic so stay tuned.

I love taking pictures, and I especially love taking pictures of Bands. So a big thanks to all the guys for letting me shoot. Have a look at the Album for some of the results of my adventure, and make sure you go out and support MUSIC! Album sales are not cutting it and if you want more music, Live shows are the main way a lot of Musicians are getting by. Jah Works Plays a Seacrets every summer so check the Calendar. I will be there, on the other side of the stage with a mic in my hand…

Thanks again and always to Jesse (Big Viz) Campbell for his contributions