Bryan Brushmiller and the Burley Boys (plus one)

The Boys from the soon to be operational Burley Oak Brewery held an impromptu tasting at The Pirate Bar on Friday night.  Construction has finally begun on the brewery over on Old Ocean City Blvd accross from Croppers towing.  They have finally broken ground on getting the rough-in utilites done.  There has been a buzz over the opening of Berlins one and only brewery.  The town officials and residents are behind seeing this being a success.  Although the impending opening has been delayed, that has not stopped Bryan and crew from continuing to try and perfect his craft.  The tasting on Friday night was a small gathering of beer lovers to get some input and comments.

The cool thing is that this is all in preparation for a public event and free tasting that will be held at The Pirate Bar on April 17 from 2-6.  This public tasting will be available to everyone with a $10 donation to Amped Riders Non profit ( think childrens house by the sea for amputee kids that participate in action sports)

“Burley is not just a beer,  it’s a lifestyle” said Tony Weeg, Marketing and Director of Cool for Burley Oak.  This makes for a great collaboration of life style brands  Great beer for a great cause.

Also stay tuned as we will be be premiering a web series to keep everyone up to date on the ins and outs of opening the brewery and tavern…..