As a 37 year old mother of two, I enjoy feeling like I can still be sexy, as all women should. Now I know our society and media inundates you with constant photos, images, and video clips of girls of all ages in scantily clad clothing, dancing seductively, singing songs with lyrics that are sometimes rather offensive. I understand that can be annoying and mind numbing to some degree, but I am speaking out about mothers, and older girls (I still consider myself a “girl” , not a lady or a woman, and NEVER m’am…my personal preference).
We can dress in age appropriate attire, and still come off as hot and attractive, without having to bare it all. Sexy is a state of mind! When you dress your best, you tend to feel your best, and this goes for feeling “sexy”.
Now, this is just my perspective, but in reality all females should feel attractive and beautiful, sexy, hot, whatever! We as females should embrace what we have been given! Not only do I enjoy having the opportunity to get dolled up and have my photo taken, I love taking photos of my beautiful friends, and encourage anyone that is interested to give it a try, you only live once! Do what makes you feel your best.
We can all feel beautiful in different ways.
Live it up, embrace beauty in whatever form you like.