Happy Hour In Berlin this week was again at the Globe. Tony and I sat with a Couple members of the Salisbury roller girls – Eva, Kelly, and Bridgette .

They are not only lovely and talented but dedicated to there mission and not afraid to defend it vigorously. While Tony digs himself a deep hole about the confidence of women I do my best to sway the guest from becoming even more upset. However, its much like working on the titanic with a sponge mop. It was a great time and we got everything done (short of finding Zach a date with a team member)

Photo: Chloe Ferber Fotographi

I ask you is this the face of a person that lacks confidence?
Go to the Main page and click the tab that says “GCFL Sounds”to listen. Then go on Sunday Eve to the crown center in Salisbury to see the first Bout of the Season for the Salisbury Roller Girls