Everyone always asks “What is clean about Good Clean Fun Life?” Well…clean is relative. Currently it fits with beginning a new habit of going to the gym again, as the excuses of “oh I will go for a walk after work” or “my 10 minutes of yoga before work is so easy” just dont hold up and last. Honestly it does feel great when I get a good workout, and definitely helps my mood as well, so I try to go as often as I can.

In addition to beginning a new habit of working out, I also came across some new products that have helped. Now I have never been a fan of Gatorade. Too sweet and artificially colored for me, I would rather just water. But a friend of mine introduced me to Accelerade HYDRO, (lemonade flavor is my favorite) and it is perfect for hydrating while on the treadmill and on my ride home from a great workout. Good stuff! We also decided to try the Forze gps bars as well, as I am always leaving the house without eating breakfast. Definitely a fan of any kind of bars as they are portable and can be stored in my bag. A plus is the kids love them!
So, I hope in 6 months I can say that we have kept up the good habit of working out, and in the spring and summer to come should be easy with walking, swimming and paddle boarding to enjoy the outdoors. Living on Delmarva definitely has its perks!