Now Entering the Terrible Two’s

GCFL is turning two years old! To celebrate, the town of Ocean City is throwing a green parade. Local Irishmen insist that the parade is in celebration of St. Patty’s Day. Don’t listen to them, they’re drunk.

This Saturday the party will start around 11a.m. in the vicinity of 28th Street and move north to the 45th Street village, where the parade route ends, and the main party begins. The parade itself moves south from the 60th Street area, but that’s not important. Although I have been in attendance for the last several years, I still have yet to see an actual parade float. To me they are like hauntings and ghost sightings; I have yet to witness one myself, but enough other people have seen them to convince me that they do exist. One time I came close to seeing one, but was then informed that the Guinness truck does not constitute a float. Where the party will go from 45th Street is anybody’s guess, but it’s a safe bet that Seacrets, Mother’s, Buxy’s, Shenanigans, and a handful of other green beer dispensing stops will be on the anniversary bar crawl list. Two years ago we ended up at Sandbar late at night, singing karaoke hours after we had misplaced our little green hats and our dignity. Thank heavens that Cork Bar was out of stumbling range.

The best thing about Parade Day is that anything goes. Green boas/beads/hats/props? Highly encouraged. Ginger-bearded men in plaid skirts? Celebrated. Pretending to be 1/4 Irish to justify participation in a 14 hour drinking marathon? Par for the course. Car bombs for breakfast? Practically mandatory.

This is one of the handful of days throughout the year when just about the entire OC community turns out to enjoy a genuine good time with their fellow locals. If you find yourself out and about in Ocean City this Saturday, keep an eye out for Good Clean Fun Life happening all around you. Irish or not, this is one party you do not want to miss.