“Great another album of the just the crew?!?!” maybe so but we love meeting new people and adding to the fun.   That’s what we did last Thursday night with Skip Dixon at The Oasis. Sometimes its great to get  together and just goof off.  I would encourage any one who sees any of these people out and about to say whats up.  We are all about bringin’ people together.

 Little Lyndz got decked out in her ridin’ gear to make the trip out to Whalleyville

JW from Seven Days Wasted was in attendance

Skip getting set up before the Party and Margaritas really started flowin

Ari……. and she says she is not Photogenic

Happy people  – always a warm welcome at Oasis

Beers Babes and Ordnance (of the video variety)

Straight from workin – reping LGC international…  Jon to KC  “Seriously you need to get a head band and stop wearing your sunglasses at night

Big mans birthday

LGC and Born to Ride magazine…… Guys you want on your team

I didn’t care that no one else was looking ……because she was

It dosnt take much to get him excited

Big fan ….of the redskins …i mean

Ladies Love Cool Jerm

Erin looks like she just got caught doing some thing she shouldn’t be doing

Look at me , now look away , look at me , now look away