Russo is a throwback to songwriters of perhaps a greater time in music as he doesn’t cast the message and the meaning to his lyrics aside and simply fill in the blanks with soaring choruses and tales of lost cul de sac love that you may hear in coffee shops or on mainstream radio.

Songs like “Lord Lord Lord” “Next Big Thing”, “Smokey Cafe” and “No More Crying (From White Boys)” are statements that he is an artist and a songwriter that has something to say and he is willing to get up and challenge people to listen to it.

He’s worked seemingly a hundred different jobs, he’s played under Maestro Lorin Maazel with the Pittsburgh Symphony (as a violinist) and he’s been a door to door salesman. He’s tended bar, and he’s worked as an industrial painter. He’s been a sports writer for the Associated Press covering the Philadelphia Flyers, and he’s also been a stay-at-home dad.

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