Ok, so its towards the end of January and I finally decided to tackle the whole New Years Resolution issue. I have never really thought much of resolutions, so last year the one I made was simple. Learn to appreciate cheap beer to save money, and carry a koozie at all times in my purse. I failed at both…sorry. I like my Dogfish, EVO and Anchor Steam too much!
So anywho…this year I decided to stretch it, why not, right?? I am going to work on improving my photography and to gain a confidence level that I have not always been known for, dating well back to my younger years…Just ask anyone I went to Arundel High School with.
My “goal” for this year, is to somehow, some way gain access to Dave Grohl and a Foo Fighters show…and, going for lofty here….be able to photograph such occasion. Not really sure how I will begin this venture, but I am determined to at least make an effort..
Dream Big, why not!