The holidays are over, decorations put away. The house somehow looks drearier without the cheesy, bright colored string of lights out on the porch. Its cold, and gloomy, and I am tired of being sick…ick. What is it that can get us through the next month of post holiday downtime? Well…for one, Netflix! Never had HBO, but now catching up on True Blood by renting the season 1 and 2. I have always been a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv show, NOT the movie) so vampires have been my thing.

True Blood…
1. Eye Candy Galore!

2. Also, the show has amazing music. I was first struck by the opening song. Very seductive…But I also LOVED the score of the entire show. The cello is what struck me the most. After looking into it, I discovered the entire soundtrack, by Nathan Barr.

True Blood, Season 1 & 2 Soundtrack

3. I am looking forward to more episodes to come.

2011 has just begun, and I need to focus on the little things, not on the gloomy outlook of our economy, job market or the state of the environment. Look to the fun and fancy free…

Take a listen to the music, it is beautiful and haunting. Check out the show…witty, intriguing and just one great guilty pleasure.

Happiness is wherever you want to find it