December is settling in and the collection of Parades, Christmas parties, and birthdays leave you with that semi-permanent haze of where was I and where am I going? In a beach town like Ocean City MD this is supposed to be the “slow ” time of year. This may be the case for dollars in the cash register for most businesses, but it is also the chance to network and mingle with new businesses, new projects and fresh new faces. I for one like the opportunity to get to know what other big things are coming from the Think Tank (oft-time Drunk tank) of Ocean City. It also allows you to hit those spots you have been missing.

Just this past week we got to spend an amazing time up in Rehoboth at the Dog Fish Head Brew Pub. A place we have loved for years and known since back when the beer was brewed right there. With two important birthdays to celebrate (it would seem that a lot of people like to procreate in the month of April providing the world with way too many Sagittarius’) and a crew members band playing it was the perfect Storm…..I mean excuse to BE the fresh new faces in Rehoboth. The food was excellent and the service was cute, laid back and met our own crews off-centered-ness quite nicely. Of course the brew was all you would expect from a Local brewery that is on a rocket ride of success and national notoriety…awesome tasty, hoppy and sneak up and make-you-loose-your-drawers-if-your-not-careful good. Our friends from The Electric Company – Nate, Jonnny Suit, Sonny and Ryan Jackson and the hot-jesus looking guy on the keys Kyle Coffey entertained with a great show . They were joined for a few cords by a sultry ginger Nancy Micciulla which was a fresh new face for me and made great ….ahem …harmony with Nate.

Whats the best way to recover from a Birthday party at Dogfish? Bloodies, of course. So either through divine intervention or strategic planning GCFL sponsored its first entry into the bar dominated world of competitive of drink making. We had a a ringer though, Jeremy Blackford is a pro – mixologist and a perfect fit to enter the Bloody Mary contest at Sunset Grille (organized to raise money supporting Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services.) Jeremy’s Slap-yo-momma Mix was the darling of every on who sampled it. But it was other fresh new faces that took home the Top Prize. Arturo, newly up from Florida and making bloodies for Phillips had a great flavor with a latin touch to win the hearts of the judges. By the end of the day money was raised for great cause and a great time was had by all.