Brew Pub extraordinaire in the heart of Salisbury offers a great experience with nothing short of amazing beer and food to match. You don’t have to be spend a fortune to get all of that either. You just have to exercise some restraint. As we found out on a recent jaunt through Salisbury, between stops one Thursday evening in the fall we popped in to sample what many friends have raved about. We walked in to find an open yet cozy place and familiar face behind the bar. We decided to sit at one of the long “gathering” tables, with only a moment of hesitation. Right away realized that this place was about the shared experience that comes with eating elbow to elbow with a complete stranger. Surveying the menu of beer you cant help but to know that you are going to savor what ever you chose.

Surveying the room which is half bar and half package store with a the typical brew pub feel but has an edgy industrial feel with corrugate metal on the walls. Just when you think the set up cant get any better a dimpled ginger (pictured below) leans into the table like an old friend to take your order….. Being October we tried the pumpkin brew Jaques au Lantern, and a sample of a potent but smooth ale. We keep it simple with some fried pickles and split a small chicken and garlic pizza. Not a good meal if you are trying to impress a certain someone but fine if your with a special someone that likes you no matter what (and always has gum in her purse). We had the unique pleasure of chatting with Brian the manager about the success and draw of this distinguished spot. Brian is an easy going guy, and a friend of friends. Like most things in this area there are less degrees of separation that in other areas. He gave us a brief tour of the ever changing drafts and their unique qualities. The food was great the beer was better and the atmosphere was awesome…… I cant wait to go back.