A great Ocean City MD restaurant to enjoy a unique meal made with fresh, local, sustainable ingredients and just the right amount of love. Back when Liquid Assets was just this cool quirky place, being an upscale bar within a liquor store, we used to love coming to have a drink after work. Just like the many fine wines they serve and sell, the place has gotten better with age. Creating an amazing menu, selling fine wines from across the globe, and offering many craft brews.
We decided to take the whole family for a different dining experience, one that reaches beyond chicken tenders and greasy fries for the kids. You see…our children watch Top Chef and the Food network with us religiously, and have an odd appreciation for where our meals come from. To give an example of their commitment, last year for Halloween our then 8 and 5 year olds wanted to be the Voltaggio Brothers … it was great. Anywho, they appreciate good food, even if sometimes it is a battle to remind the 6 year old of that, but he has learned to try anything at least once!

Of course we ordered the mussels as an appetizers, to hold us over while making the final decisions on our main dishes. My biggest problem when dining here, is I want a little bit of everything! That being said, Nellie, our 9 year old decides to order the Calamari without a second thought. My biggest concern is that she ate so many of the Mussels that I realized she would not be able to finish her meal. Around the table, we ordered a variety of food: the Deluxe Grilled cheese, which is always different, and never a disappointment; Ceasar salad, Carolina Pork BBQ topped with the most incredible cole slaw, and of course to wash it all down and round out the meal, a glass of Sauvignon Blanc for me, and a DogfishHead brew for the hubby. The children of course had iced tea and waters…

If you have yet to walk through the doors of Liquid Assets, I highly suggest you give it a whirl. Well worth the trip!