I always said there should be a book called “boobs of silicone, balls of steel” – but in light of some very recent and upsetting news, I decided to make it a poem about a dear friend that has been hit with the enemy yet again…

Boobs of silicone
Balls of steel
The strength of a woman
Who’s been handed a raw deal.
You can remove her nipple
You can remove her breast
But you can NOT take her pride
That she wears the very best
A hero to all
The woman you hope you can be
An example of strength
Beyond the eye can see.
Now traveling down the roas
That she has been before
Why does it have to be her
And go through this once more?
Maybe she did it too gracefully
Maybe she did it too well
Maybe she made it look too easy
But knowing it was hell.
But she can do it again
And be even stronger than before
She can conquer the enemy
With all her supporters in this war.
To me, she is a hero
A woman with true zeal…
For she has boobs of silicone
and mighty balls of steel!