Bike week to a non-biker is like a Kansas Tornado – its comin’ no mater what and all you can do is just hold on and ride it out.  For some of the locals that I’ve run into,  it is a bit like a “pre-halloween”- a chance to wear stars and striped headbands, put on your best black t-shirt, and sport denim in ways that are only acceptable this week.  Is is also a chance for the people of the fairer sex to participate in the time honored tradition of “slutting it up a bit” Which is awesome for only 10 % of the participants.  (those that dont have crimped mullets and jelly rolls and back fat).  However even those folks have a swagger that is pleasant, not always overbearing and intimidating.

The short of it is that bikers are “nerds” – good people who care a lot about what they do.  Granted there are poseurs and some are just plain criminals, but the general population of bikers are good people.  They come from all walks of life and have a bit of a nerdish obsession with the lifestyle, they marvel over the newest gadgets or accessories they argue the finer points between cafe racers, fatboys , and softtails oh and they collect pins to put on there leather vest or sleeveless jean jacket. (‘Nerd’ – said in my best jock like voice)

I appreciate their life style and the depth that it resides in them (even if they are wearing a business suit or prison suit in their day to day life).  Maybe it is a generational thing, a lot of the bikers are older and have respect for the ones that came before them.  I know as as skater nerd growing up, we were not cool, part of the fringe, and challenged authority in our unique way.  I always respected the trail blazers and the guys who came before and now as an older skater i’m upset to see young skaters today that don’t.  Interestingly, there are a lot of those skaters that I looked up to that have now gotten into the Biker world.  It make sense when explained by a friend, skater turned biker.  “The feeling of flow, watching down the line and using a tool as as an extension of your body is exhilarating” now if that doesn’t sound like a nerd talkin I dont know what. Either way I’m in!