This week in GCFL

It was  a bit of a quiet week as we in OCMD we are all getting back to seeing friends that we have not seen in Three Months while working the summer all day and all night long.  This week marked the official start of NFL season and start of the Second season for Locals.  Much respect to the all our crew who got up every day to “do the work” (a la Jackmove) of summer servicing the major business of the area  – tourism.  The people of this town  – many we have not seen in what seems like forever  – need a well deserved pat on the back and kick in the ass.  Here is what happened this week.

We once again lost a couple members of the community to untimely circumstances.  Just sayin “coaching youth is the best way to ensure your legacy”  everyone should do it.

A certain Ginger celebrated her birthday with her Lower Class friends.

Chris Farley and Jack Black had a love child named Chester.

The Big financial adviser in town got his car after a steal  

The local area Paparazzi added to his fold by poppin some cherries.

A Lobsterman got a taste of salsa

And a Douche lord stole spot from a 7yr old.

And everyone is holding their breath as they watch their NFL team to see if they start the week with a win or a loss this week…….

STAY TUNED – one weekend of rest and then it is back to the grusstle (part grime, part hustle) as we welcome the Delmarva Bike Week this coming week.  We will be updating the events and happenings.