BJBs party at the Shark last year – Good Stuff

These guys are great people and  great musicians and this song has always hit me.  It is difficult to write about the deep and personal matter of loss and still make it appeal in a broader sense, be respectful, and inspirational.  The Bastard Suns do just that with ‘Rest in Peace’ and is particularly poignant on a day when many people are reliving life lost.  I was planing on not putting anything out there today but saw this post and felt like sharing.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing these guy please watch the video below then go to their FB page and listen to more.  They got a song for every season.  Much love and respect from GCFL for these guys.

“I’ve seen a lot of post on Facebook from a few of our friends about people who have recently passed away so I’m posting an old video of “RIP”. We only play this song live when someone we know has passed or someone close to us has lost someone. This goes out to all our friends who have lost someone recently and to the families of 9/11 victims as today they remember all those we lost.”Treat those around you with love and respect/Cause you never know when you cash your final pay check”” – posted on the Bastard Suns Facebook Page!/pages/The-Bastard-Suns/6143164653?v=wall