Adventuring for Fun

When we began this little jaunt into GCFL, we were on a kick to go adventuring. You have probably heard us blog about it previously, but we have not followed through on our quest in ages. This past weekend, we had the opportunity to not be on a schedule for a full 24 hours, which is a rare find.

We began the day being somewhat responsible, but lounged about as well. Packed up a light load and headed to Coconuts to enjoy some beach time. The best part of adventuring is not making plans and going with the flow enough that you hang out with those you come across. This day we ran into friends we have not seen almost all summer, and got a chance to enjoy the day laughing and hearing stories, and having some lovely cold beverages while my toes were in the sand…
Happy Hour hits, and at Coconuts, its 2 for 1 from 5 to 6 pm…We put our beach stuff in the car, said goodbye to our friends, and went to the bar for a bit. Ran into some some other friends we have not seen much of in the past 6 months, and met some new ones as well! Enjoyed a delicious tangerine crush, and cooled off ans the sun began to go down.
When the hunger from the day began to set in, we headed towards home, stopping by Micky Fins first to fill our bellies. Delicious salad with grilled tuna, and my favorite the blue cheese herb crusted tenderloin…yummmmm. Enjoying dinner with catching up with old friends, and still getting to bed early is a perfect Saturday for me.

Can’t wait til next time!