This is a repost from a good friend of the site and our family. Good guy, great dad and a killer ripper with one arm tied behind his back……LITERALLY. He is an ambassador of good clean fun and doesn’t even know it and has the chance to be an ambassador for adaptive athletes at the biggest show case of action sports. In short helping sent Rob to the X games is a worthy cause.

It’s time for Summer Xgames in the Staple Center downtown LA. This July 28th thru Aug 1st.

I was invited back to skate in the Super Park Adaptive Skate jam for the 3rd year in a row. Check out the invite list here but more importantly listed below is the Adaptive Jam list: The pics above show the insane bowl they are building for the event.

Now if you have been a fan of ECA in the past you know I’ve had some financial hardships. Stolen equipment, knee surgery, and the expenses of living in paradise have set me and my family back, and unfortunately for ECA that has also kept you the fans without many updates over the last couple of years due to no road trips. No big deal really for you, with the huge influx of photos now on Facebook there’s plenty of new pics out there, but I’m not having much luck in raising the money to get tickets, and ground expenses for going out to the Xgames. So not to proud to beg, I’m listing a paypal link below to maybe get some donations.

Anything would help. 5, 10, 20 all donation receipts can be saved and used as tax deduction through Adaptive Action Sports non profit status. If you are a generous donator/sponsor, over 200 dollars Adaptive Action Sports has a tax donation receipt for the end of the year.

What’s in it for you? If you have a business name you would like listed as a sponsor of an athlete participating that is in the Xgames (Rob Nelson) you will proudly be listed on the sponsor list for that rider, if you want to provide stickers, T-shirts, or the like they will be proudly displayed on board and helmet during the event. They will also be proudly displayed on any web blog’s, features, and Facebook info. This is a huge event with millions of viewers. I surely can’t promise any TV exposure for I do not believe we are slotted for a TV spot. But I’m all about helping your business the best I can get some interest.

The support that you have provided for ECA and myself over the last 5 years has been amazing. The sales of T-shirts, boards, and stickers have all provided you guys with as much coverage as I can provide for you for virtually no expense to many viewers. I hope with this small plea I can get some support to get out to this event that I enjoy skating in plus you guys can see some insider pics and stories.

What’s the best way to get your donation to me? My Pay Pal account is ocnsky @ If you would like to use a check or something else I can be reached at that email address and rob @ Use the Paypal button below to safely send your online donation if you would like to mail just email one of the above addresses.