so watchin the hills season finale nat and I had a conversation

“How many times are they going to mention the fact that girl is going to Europe? We get it the spin off will be American slut does Europe.”

“Duh…like, Oh my god, she needs to find herself, and can’t do it in a town that doesn’t appreciate the gem that she is…hello? Does she even work? Like…she can take as much time as she wants, whether it be, like living there for a length of time, or like, living there for the summer. “

” i dont like your assuming the candor of a sixteen yr old. You must realize that most of us work year round to enjoy the summer. The people from the hills have been handed the eternal summer and it is an awesome responsibility”

” and a girl in white cut offs should never whisper under her breath ‘my driver is here’…and WTF? they actually pulled off the fakeness in reality? I actually have an ounce of respect for Brody Jenner…”

“not only is it fake, they are now blatantly making fun of themselves awesome….”

“now the city is on…actually makes me wanna go to New York, where the hills make me hate cali – im an east coast girl. But why is everyone on reality TV SOOO very contrived? As much as it is like a train wreck and cannot turn away, it pisses me off to no end how fake it all seems. What is reality like in SoCo and NY?”

“just remember – its all about managing your public persona…….its what we do”

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