Last night in Ocean City MD, Pickles Pub on 8th street hosted the Kill the Spill event to raise money for the both Gulf and The National Wildlife Federation. Bill Todd of the Lower Class Citizens spear headed the organization of the event that featured 7 local bands of the area’s best. There are quite a few people who gave their time and talent, and money. They deserve a lot of praise. I talk a lot about the amount of talent that you can find in this area. But, the level of talent and artistry is only trumped by the generosity of the people in the area. It is people of all walks of life but mostly the working locals that bust thier ass all day, every day. However, these folks temper that hard effort with the sweet release of music, friends, drinks and revelry.

But wait there is more……… they are going to do it again and only two days later on Saturday to benefit a local non profit – Amped Riders ( .) The guys at Loaded Gun Customs are hosting a street party and will bringin their gritty asphalt vibe that dove tales nicely with the Get Gnarly crew who prefers four urethane wheels to two burnout ready tires. Skaters, Bikes (moto), Beers, burgers,and Babes all to raise funds so my friend Garry Moore can continue to run Amped rider summercamp. This is the stuff that real heart, inspiration, and dedication are made of. Your heart will sink and you will unsuccessfully try and hide your disbelief as the kids do what you wish you could do with a faction of the limbs. This is an important organization to help develop, and foster the idea different IS better.

Much love

Saturday 1-7
Loaded Gun Customs RT54
1 mile west of Harris Teeter in Selbyvile De