The Neighborhood Witch

So, I was informed the other night that some of the kids in the neighborhood call me “the Witch”, because I am mean. Now, their definition of being mean, is because I have yelled at a couple of the boys for riding their bikes in the middle of the street, on a busy thoroughfare, and to top it off…wearing headphones from their iPod. All i can think of is what parent would not explain to their 6 or 7 year old that when you are riding your bike you should be aware of your surroundings. Watch for cars. On top of that, I would assume that if a young child were to own an iPod, they would also be informed that is it generally unsafe to ride your bike while wearing headphones, because you wont be able to hear if a car or truck is coming down the street. So this child continues to ride their bike with headphones on, sometimes without shoes, and never with a helmet, and thinks they have right of way ALL THE TIME. The even sadder fact is that the older brother of this child has already been run over by a trailer doing the same thing. Luckily he is fine and back to running around the neighborhood at all hours of day and night.

Why, do you ask, would I write about this on GCFL? Well…quite honestly I am embracing the fact that I am the Witch. If the parents of these children do not give them guidance and rules, well when they are on my street and I see them repeatedly in danger, I will let them know it may be a good idea to pay better attention to the fact that cars and trucks run up and down this road all the time. Not realizing that children whom live on this street decide to see how fast they can zoom out of their driveway, or how far they can make it riding down the exact center of the street. I may even have to play up the Witch part a bit more…continue to dye my hair black, wear black most of the time, continue with my tattoos…

To live the Good Clean Fun Life involves spreading good will, caring about those around us as well as having a good time.

Spread the Love, It takes a Village!

…Halloween should be fun this year 😉