There are only a couple things that are a solid and defining kick off to summer. And one that has been around since the dawn of time – Fagers Deck Party – the original deck party. For as long as I can remember Deck Party on Mondays has maintained a tradition of good clean fun. At this point the tradition has become an institution. “Institution” is applied to customs and behavior important to a beach society of revelry. Deck Party is a mechanism of social order and cooperation governing the behavior of a fun loving people. It happens all summer long on every Monday and is the kick off to many a vacationers week of fun and relaxation. It can be lost on some locals that people come from all over for a short period of time to enjoy what we have at our finger tips every day. In that vein the kick off to the weekly kick off belongs to the locals. The first of Summer is Monday May 3nd with great music from 2U, and the incomparable DJ Batman. This year the Deck itself has had a bit of a face lift to maintain the ebb and flow of cavorting co-eds. One thing remains the same its all good clean fun and you might be surprised by who you run into at Deck Party.