There is a rival gang of parti-ers in Berlin to the GCFL crew. They are the Washington Street posse and although they don’t have a website detailing their every move they do have a Headquarters. They are a great group of neighbors and families made up of doctors, print media people, unemployed people, and Coast Guard Brats that all live on Washington Street and know how to have good clean fun. Good clean fun has been my philosophy and approach to life for as long as I can remember. I love it when I see people who authentically care about each other and the enjoyment of life. I got to see that in the Washington street posse and “The Welcome to Spring Party.

Now, I get a lot of people ask about the the “Clean” in GCFL. Some think there is nothing “clean” about what we do and promote, others assume either religious or Addiction recovery is playin a part. I’ve always just said “clean is relative” although I acknowledge that it is just avoiding the question. However the avoidance is purposeful, ’cause to try and explain it is “like trying to explain the word stoked to someone who has never felt it. The more you try, the more you sound like a kook.” (-Step Into Liquid). Clean, in our case, is nothing without – good and fun. Clean is how a surfer describes a good wave, the way a doctor describes a broken bone, or the way a musician describes a tight set. Clean for us has more to do with the integrity of the good, and the fun that sit on either side of it. There is a lot of crap going on in this world and it can get you down if you let it. I don’t let it, the GCFL crew doesn’t, nor does the Washington Street Posse.