Street Party Throw Down

The Boys at LGC did it again and better than ever. Their Street Party was at the new Loaded Gun Customs shop on Rt54. Just north of the posh Harris Teeter was the varied assembly of gritty lifestyle people.
Starting the Day with a shotgunned beer at noon help get things started. By mid-day it was in full swing, and Jack “the Man” Hogan had the charred flesh going. The Boys (lower class citizens) where belting out their signature sound. Young Ryan had conceded that he was battling a cold, allergies, and sleep deprivation but you would have never known but the way he was screaming above the sound of the impromptu burn out pit that replaced the typical mosh pit.
Behind the scenes little Geez had cracked his frame on his rat-rod. So he turned around, rolled into the shop where John “too tall” Deforest slapped on his hockey mask and welded it back together stronger than before and in less time than it took to go grab a beer and a burger.
A great day and in an awesome display on localism as the guys at LGC, GCLF, HNT, and Jacks Place, gave all the proceeds of the day to the Rolig Boys to Aid in their fathers battle with cancer.
Other highlights include:

Tough guy Tommy the baker and his made from scratch birthday cake for Mrs.LGC’s birthday

The Facilities with an inch of “water”on the floor, no door, and flowers placed neatly on the toilet tank.

Mrs Hard n Topless’s Boots

Mean read Squeaky Parked next to the Indian master piece that Scott was working on.

Kasey’s sunburn getting yelled at by KD for over stepping bounds

Hippies,Punks, Hot chicks, Hot rods,Surfers, bikers, young rockers, old cruisers,

Capping off the day was the tradition of Putting away the Merchandise but not before doing donuts and burnouts. The most daring of all – with no shifter, breaks or seat John dumped his pink horse in the field across the street. (he popped up safe and sound)

oh yeah, don’t ask the bike club that shows up at the end of the day for a group picture……….I’m just sayin