One of the coolest experiences that I’ve had in our small town happened the other week and happened under the radar. Sure we have major motion pictures shot here in Berlin MD and had big name Hollywood Actors walking our streets. But Some of the best talent is often sitting right under your nose. The first well produced and shot music video was at our Atlantic Hotel. On a normally quiet Tuesday night Bryan Russo got a crew together and snuck in gorilla style with steady cams, Light boxes and Key grips. The incomparable Cameron Uhlig brought his wisdom and wit and skill of augmented reality to direct a soon to be award winner. The Drinks started to flow and the “cast” of radio Dj’s,musical performers, hotties, and all around good peeps helped turn the Drummers Cafe in the Smokey Cafe, which Russo’s song was the inspiration. A couple behind the scene shots have been leaked and we are looking forward to the unveiling of the finished product which is rumored to premiering at the Globe theater before going worldwide.

Check back to the site for future dates of when and where Bryan will be playin.

Editor note: no Actual smoking was done in the “Smokey Cafe”