Saturday night, Chico and Jill invited me to Black Cobra’s Booty Mixer.

The crowd was very friendly
. . . and welcoming.
Things got mean in the best possible way.
The toys came out and the boys started to play.
Earlier that day, a classy young co-ed got “American Dan” tattooed on her hairy booty.
So, I pouted, bullied, and strong armed Trevor to get “MeanRed” tattooed on his booty. Chico really liked that idea.
The crowd’s reaction was a booty mix.
A booty mix of entertainment
. . . a booty mix of wincing
. . . a booty mix of “oh hells no.”
Poor Trevor.
Poor, poor Trevor.
But I’m quite pleased with the results.
It’s my first tattoo!
Thank you bunches, Chico!
Remember my name, Trevor.
XOXO, MeanRed