Nathan has always had a love for creating art and building with his hands. It all stems back to growing up and watching artist work at Naravisa Press and his constant visual simulation through travel, experiments, and nature.
Artist Statement
: stop sign, cloths line, arugula leaves, sidewalk chalk drawing :

I approach my work with “minimal” ideals focusing on color and shape relationships. I use found objects, cloth, string, house paint , metal and allow these items to be what they are and try not to manipulate them. I want the cloth to show frays, the paint to be fluid and drip and brush strokes to show. I find great beauty in a perfect square painted with flaws in contrast to a loose string in motion due to gravity and air movements. I reference color and shapes from daily life however the reference is only for experiment, never for representation.

6 Customs – Bicycles
Nathan’s love for bicycles helped drive the creation of “6 Customs”. He hand builds and modifies bikes with nostalgia and chopper flair. He likes to use the warmth of wood in contrast to coldness of metal to create one of a kind designs. Much like his works on paper and canvas, Nathan strives for clean minimal designs.

“6 Customs” is a homage to Stephen’s original logo for Naravisa Press. The number 6 resembles the Russian letter B as well as the number of characters in his first and last name.
2003 B.F.A Exhibition, Joesoph Gross Gallery, Tucson AZ
2003 A Hundred Days Off, Lionel Rombach Gallery, Tucson AZ
2003 The 700th Window, Art One Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ
2003 Arizona Room, Mesa Arts Center, Mesa AZ
2003 Mimesis 9, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson AZ
2002 Grade *A* Select, Faculty Selections of Outstanding BFA Students, Lionel Rombach Gallery, Tucson, AZ
2002 Mimesis 8, Gallery Four Ten, Tucson AZ
2001 Visual Communications, Lionel Rombach Gallery, Tucson, AZ