As I am sure you have seen the promotions all over our site for the past couple months, this Saturday was the big Pirate Rob Birthday bash at Ram’s Head Live. 86 the Effort, The Grilled Lincolns, Bond & Bentley, Hotbox, Ballyhoo! and Pasadena were the terrific bands that played. So after being snowed-in for what feels like eons, getting to Baltimore was almost a life or death situation. We also brought our 15 year old cousin to the show since it was all-ages, and she had yet to experience live music. Great first show to take her to, and she appreciated every minute of it, with a grin from ear to ear!

This was a show in Baltimore, with some great regional bands, but the Ocean City MD presence was incredible! We are a force to be reckoned with for sure…We are loyal fans of truly great music…bring on the entertainment, come down to Ocean City and play at our venues! We will be there to support you and your music.

Photos from Saturday are to come…I hope they are worth the wait!