Tribute Bands Destined to Fail…by byran russo

The Fogelbergs
Yes, No or Maybe (Yes Tribute Band)
Mr. Jones and the Omahas (Counting Crows tribute band)
The Growling D-Bags (Creed Tribute Band)
Groomsman (Usher Tribute Act)
Uncle Triscuit (Uncle Cracker Tribute Act)
Poison (VH1 Rock of Love Tribute Act)
The Canadian Loonies (Nickelback Tribute Act)
Gasoline (Fuel Tribute Act)
Middle-America (America Tribute Act)
Patchouli Stink (Any 1960’s Jam Band Tribute Act)
The Crocketts (Don Johnson Tribute Act)
The Hansons (The three foil wearing hockey goons from ‘Slapshot’ singing the songs of the former kid pop trio Hanson)
Drunk Irish Dudes (Shane McGowan and the Pogues Tribute Band)
Admiral Tenille (Captain and Tenille Tribute Act)