Black Cobra Tattoo – Todd Noble

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True Love is a 10-episode documentary on some of the most important American Tattooers. This first series is the journey of three filmmakers from Italy, getting tattooed along the East Coast. It tries to focus on various aspects of tattooing, but most of all on the relationship tattooer-customer, from the point of view of the same customer.

So, this is it. We got to the end of our great trip. No tears, no farewells. Last episode is in Salisbury, MD, at the Black Cobra Tattoo shop. We’re with Todd Noble, and we couldn’t make a better pick, ’cause Todd is unstoppable, funny guy, super-gifted tattooer, and… he’s great, really. We closed our trip talking about all the people we met, about painting ladies, about what tattooing should be. So, thanks Todd for the precious help, and thank you all guys. You made this possible. Cheers.