Copper Chameleon Re-Visited

img_5065This weeks artist spotlight is on Copper Chameleon, which was one of the first artists we showcased. Brittany Sondberg is the artist behind Copper Chameleon, and I feel I should state that she is also my sister. She constantly comes up with new concepts for jewelry, and each time they are a more beautiful creation. Her use of color and texture adds so much dimension to her work. You must check it out for yourself. She has recently launched a new website, and will be having a Spring Showcase Jewelry Show this April in Bishopville at a private residence.

Artist Spotlight

Brittany Søndberg received a BFA in Metal Design from East Carolina University in 2004. In 2005 she established a studio, built a website and started a jewelry & metal design company, Copper Chameleon. In 2008, upon moving with her husband, back to North Carolina, she became a full time artist. She has since expanded her studio, which is now located at Lyndon Street Artworks in downtown Greensboro.
Having studied under such acclaimed artists as Bob Ebendorf and Linda Darty, among others, Brittany complicates the traditional notion of jewelry by juxtaposing bold enamel hues with the simple appeal of minimalist forms. She adds touches of an antiquarian aesthetic to create work that is at once daring and accessible. Her work can be found in a variety of boutiques and galleries along the East Coast.

Along with running a successful company, Brittany teaches workshops in copper enameling and jewelry fabrication at Sawtooth School of Visual Arts in Winston-Salem, NC. She also teaches jewelry classes at The Center for Visual Artists in Downtown Greensboro and also offers private lessons out of her studio at Lyndon Street. Additionally, Brittany serves The Center for Visual Artists both as a board member and as a member of the exhibition committee.

Inspiration comes from my lifelong interest in fashion design coinciding with my love of danish modern and minimalist forms and elements. Occasionally I incorporate components with a well worn, aged or antiquarian aesthetic. The combination creates a balance between my appetite for modernity and affection for ancestral relics. The unexpected compatibility between the three motivations allows me to explore and create exclusive heirloom works containing emotion, material appreciation and contemporary faddism.
I work heavily in recycled sterling silver and copper. I very often incorporate vitreous enamel in my designs as a focal point, exclusive theme or as embellishment. I have used ebony and other rare species of wood, bezel setting them to showcase their natural artistry. Faceted cabochons, which are not all that easy to come by are my absolute favorite. Especially as opaque semi precious stones, the faceting is subtly formal and unexpectedly beautiful. Feathers have created a space in my work in there own right, feminine and dramatic, they contrast beautifully with matted enamels and simple settings. They are at their best when barely brushing the collar bone, the tail of an earring easily moving when you turn your head. The materials I use and the designs I create combined with the personal experience of wearing my collection constantly allows me to state that the jewelry I create is flattering and comfortable, bold and yet completely accessible.
I strive to make jewelry and other “objets d’art” that will be passed on to subsequent generations, connecting the future wearer with the past from which it came. A simple and romantic tradition to connect ancestors over lifetimes. I hope to be the creator of such treasures while simultaneously challenging the limits of what jewelry and adornment can be.

Copper Chameleon jewelry, designed and created by metals artist Brittany Søndberg, is made using unique enamels, stones, and responsibly sourced or 100% recycled precious metals. Custom work always available, wholesale orders and other adventurous opportunities sought constantly. All pieces are completely hand crafted in Greensboro, North Carolina.



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